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We're not your average fish store. Our stock constantly changes with availability. While we're happy to set you up with your first guppy tank, we also specialize in the rare and unusual. We can almost guarantee we have something you've never seen before. Our retail tanks are designed to effectively display the natural beauty of our freshwater and saltwater fish, plants, and corals.

Our Quarantine System
Each fish that comes into the store goes through our proven quarantine process. The fish do not go up for sale until they are are medicated, and observed to be healthy and eating. We are all hobbyists at heart and will only sell you a fish that we'd happily bring home to our own tanks.

Our passion isn't just in keeping fish, corals, and plants alive in a tank. We combine natural and artistic principles in considering the entire composition of a display. The shop tanks are constantly changing and evolving as we learn and play. The intention of these displays is to inspire, and give you an idea of what a tank can look like.