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Every fish that comes through our door goes through our proven quarantine process. We're constantly bringing new fish out of quarantine, so each time you stop in there's a different selection. Don't see what you want? Ask a staff member. We may just have it in the basement.  Check out our Livestock List to see some of what we have available right now.

We also carry a full selection of plants, corals, and other invertebrates for any tank.

If we don't have something in stock, we are happy to order it in. All special orders are put through our quarantine process with no extra cost.

Dry Goods

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Tanks and Stands

Each of our products is backed by the endorsement of our experienced staff. We only carry products that we use and believe in, allowing us to cut out the unnecessary expenses and provide you with exactly what you need. Please contact us with any questions about your system or products you are considering.

We carry a range of products designed for freshwater and saltwater aquariums that can either get you started with your new tank, or make your existing tank that much better.

We'll help you into your new tank whether you're looking for a standard sized aquarium or a custom build. Let us be your sounding board for what lighting, filtration, and equipment to use and we know you'll be happy with the results.

Water Colors Aquarium Gallery also works with a local woodworker to provide you with custom furniture grade stands that will match your decor flawlessly for when you want your aquarium to be as beautiful as the room it's in.